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Information about searching and using the resources in the SOLL HeinOnline collection.

How to Access

You can access using your library login from the State Employees tab.

What is HeinOnline?

HeinOnline is a database of historical law resources. Hein makes all of its online content available in exact-page image format. So you can see what the book or article looked like in its origincal publication (same page numbers, same layout), but the text is fully searchable.

Besides offering unique historical information, Hein provides access to many current legal periodicals and case information.

HeinOnline is a good resource if you are looking for publications that you may only be able to find in print from a law library. This includes:

  • Full text of many law journals (most dating back to the first volume)
  • Historical records of US and British law
  • Reference materials

Use HeinOnline if you:

  • Have a citation and need full text
  • Need access to a book or article in electronic version
  • Want to search the history of a law from its inception

Searching HeinOnline

Building your search terms

If you doing a basic search, make sure to build good terms. Hein's default search will assume you want any of the words you put in your search term. So, if you search: physician assisted suicide, it will bring results that have any of those words in the text. (Assisted may appear in any thousands of results, but will not necessarily have anything to do with physicians or suicide.) Try adding quotation marks, which will return results with the exact phrase "physican assisted suicide." We've included a guide to Boolean operators on this guide to help build your search. Hein also provides a guide to Boolean searches that you can access by clicking on the "Search Help" link underneath the search bar.

HeinOnline is primarily a catalog of journals, so they provide simple ways to find what you're looking for, right from their search bar.

  • Full Text Search: will search all text of all HeinOnline content (will likely return a large number of results)
  • Catalog Search: will ONLY search publication titles. So if you're looking for a specific journal, this is the place to search. 
  • Citation Search: if you know the citation of the article you're looking for, this is the place to enter it. If you aren't sure of the format of the citation to search, use the "Find Bluebook Citation" tool under the search bar. You can select the journal and enter the volume and page number, and Hein will find the article for you. 
  • Fastcase: use this function to find cases if you have a case citation
  • MyHein: you can create an account with Hein to save bookmarks to documents you've found, favorite searches, or receive an update every time a favorite publication is updated. 

HOL's unique design allows for detailed searching both on the page and through text search. 

When you access a PDF of an article, HOL gives you lots of options for searching the text. You can read it on your screen just as the text was originally printed, or you can use the tools that HOL provides in the tool bar:

 The PDF symbol gives you the option to download a searchable PDF for sharing or printing.

 The magnifying class allows you to search. You can limit your search to the section you're reading or the page you're on. You can also expand your search to the volume, or in some cases, the entire journal.

Need a citation for the article you're looking at? Click "Citation" and HOL will show the Bluebook citation above the PDF. The citation will automatically update when you switch to a different article.

On the left side of the page, HOL lists the Table of Contents for the issue and you can easily switch to a different article.

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