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Fastcase Public Access

The State of Oregon Law Library provides access to the Fastcase legal research service free of charge to the Oregon public.


Fastcase access for all Oregonians

Fastcase is a legal research tool that will let you search sources of law from Oregon, the U.S. Government, and many other western states. Fastcase provides advanced search tools that will help you find exactly the case or statute you are looking for. It also features the Bad Law Bot, an automated service that attempts to identify when other courts have cited a case negatively.

Signing up for your free account on Fastcase

Anyone inside Oregon can sign up for a free Fastcase account.

Just click on the following link:

Once you are on the SOLL Fastcase login screen click the “New User” link to set up your own free account.

Fastcase is not available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets using a cell connection.

Fastcase uses your computer IP address to make sure you are located inside Oregon. If you are blocked and are inside Oregon please contact Fastcase technical support.

  • 1-866-773-2782

If you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact a SOLL librarian.

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