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Committee Hearing Audio Logs and Minutes

Oregon legislative committee hearings usually address several bills. A researcher interested in only one of those bills needs to identify the parts of the hearing that discuss a particular bill. The hearing audio logs identify what bills and topics are addressed when in the hearing. They can help you quickly identify the part of the recording to listen too.

Older committee meetings, usually lacking a recording, will have minutes rather than audio logs. These detail the general conduct of the meeting but do not correspond to separate audio or visual recordings.

Committee Minutes and Exhibits

Committee Hearing Recordings

Oregon legislative committees hold two kinds of hearings; public hearings and work sessions. public hearing is when the committee hears testimony from the public and government witnesses concerning pending legislation. The work sessions are when the legislative committee takes actions concerning pending bills like amending them or passing them out of committee.

Oregon legislative committee meetings have been recorded since the 1950s. Many recordings made after 1991 are available online. 

Committee Hearing Recordings

Committee Exhibits

The committee files include reports submitted by legislative and executive agencies, written testimony, and other documents submitted to the committees. In the archives print collection, they are organized by legislative session and committee. 

Committee Exhibits

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