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Legislative History Research

Original Bill Files

These contain the original bill and all of it's amended versions. The original bills often include useful handwritten markups and notes. These files also contain various committee and staff reports on a bill. These reports and bills are held separately in the bill file and are not available in the regular committee files. When researching a bill you will need to specifically request the bill file from archive staff.

Ad Hoc Commitees

While listening to or reading legislative materials you may come across references to various ad hoc committees. The Oregon Legislature sometimes appointed special committees to study and report back on a particular issue. These published reports are generally held by the Oregon State Library and not The Oregon State Archives. You can search for these reports in the State of Oregon Library Catalog.

Oregon Council on Court Procedures

The Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure (OCCP) are enacted through a unique procedure. The Oregon Council on Court Procedures promulgates rules that take effect unless overruled by the legislature. The OCCP has nearly all of their records available online.

Voter Pamphlet and Measure Summaries

If a bill or constitutional amendment was enacted or referred by a voter initiative then you can check the measure summary from the contemporaneous voter pamphlet.

Measures and Voter Pamphlets

Historical Newspapers

You may be able to find some information about legislation in Oregon’s historical newspapers.

Newspaper Databases

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