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The mission of the State of Oregon Law Library (SOLL) is to provide the comprehensive legal resources that the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state government require to serve the public effectively and to afford all Oregonians access to legal information. If you are lucky enough to live within the borders of this great state, you have access to the following, public, legal research databases, provided by the SOLL.

BarBooks: This online library includes all the legal treatises produced by the Oregon State Bar. Popular titles include Elder Law, Family Law, and Oregon Real Estate Deskbook.
Availability: Law library patrons can request a digital token code for use anywhere with internet access. Patron Access Instructions

Use Fastcase to find case law, statutes, session laws, rules, or attorney general opinions. If you need general self-help guides with titles like Building a Parenting Agreement that works, U.S. Immigration Made Easy, and Every Landlord's Legal Guide, then check out the Legal Information Reference Center.

In addition, SOLL provides online access to briefs and opinions of the Oregon Supreme and Appellate Courts, legal research guides, and in-person and virtual legal reference services. 

SOLL provides specialized legal resources to Oregon State Agency Employees. Select  "State Agency Databases" from the side navigation bar for available databases, then select your department or agency to locate resources specific to you. 

SOLL Digital Collections

The State of Oregon Law Library digital collections offer electronic access to a variety of government publications, published by the State of Oregon Law Library in partnership with the agency which created the original print documents.


  • Oregon Appellate Court Briefs - This collection contains unofficial, redacted, copies of Oregon Supreme Court (SC) and Court of Appeals (COA) Briefs. This collection does not include confidential and restricted case types. Briefs coverage: 2004 - early 2020. 
  • Oregon Appellate Court Opinions: 1998 to present
  • Oregon Attorney General Public Records Orders - This collection contains the Oregon Attorney General's Public Records from 1981-present. The collection offers full text search of all orders or advanced search options to search specific fields such as petitioner, agency, or date. SOLL worked closely with the Oregon Department of Justice to provide online access to these documents. 
  • Oregon Chief Justice Orders - This collection houses the Chief Justice Orders, Supreme Court Orders and joint Chief Justice and Chief Judge Orders issued by the Oregon Supreme Court. 1985 to present. 
  • Oregon Governor Executive Orders - This collection includes searchable pdfs of the executive orders issued by the Governor of Oregon. 


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