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Law Librarians can help guide you with your legal research. This means we CAN help find legal information. We are not lawyers. This means we can't tell you what the law means, nor what laws apply to your particular situation. 

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What can I access as an Oregon Department of Justice employee?

As an Oregon Department of Justice employee, you have access to the following legal resources from the State of Oregon Law Library. 

Limited password access resources

Limited password access is available for the following resources. Please email the State of Oregon Law Library for access.

  • Lexis Advance - Prosecutor - This subscription includes the Construction Law Library, Nichols on Eminent Domain, Oregon Primary Library, and the Prosecutor Premium Library.
  • Lexis Advance - Tax Provides access to state and federal tax regulations and case law, administrative decisions, practice insights, bill tracking reports, IRS bulletins and memos, and Shepard's services. Also includes access to Matthew Bender treatises, such as Blattmachr on Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts, Business Valuation, Estate Planning, Lexis Practice Insights, Probate & Property, Practical Tax Lawyer, and The Tax Adviser.
  • Westlaw Edge -  All Primary Law, Federal and State legislative histories, Proposed and enacted Regulations, Tax Law treatises, CCH titles, Jury instructions, Analytical specialty titles, 50 state surveys, Law Reviews, Legal Business Journals, Newspapers, and West Reporter images.
  • BNA Environment & Safety Resource Center - Legislative, regulatory, legal, and policy news. Be alert to environmental issues arising in courts, Congress, government agencies, industry, and organizations with Current Developments' objective weekly reports. Get details on enforcement and compliance initiatives, to better maintain compliance.
  • BNA Tax Management Portfolios - The subscription includes primary tax law resources (laws, regulations, agency documents, and cases); U.S. income portfolios; estates, gifts, and trusts portfolios; and news and commentary (Daily Tax Report Highlights, Weekly Report, BNA Insights, Tax Management Memorandum, and Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Journal).
  • Tax Analysts – Tax Notes, Tax news, articles, and information.

If you have any problems accessing these resources, or have questions regarding resources or training, please email the State of Oregon Law Library.

State of Oregon Law Library account resources

You will need to create a State of Oregon Law Library account to access these resources.

If you don't have an account, learn how to sign up for one here.

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